(Full fledged production room)

Seating Capacity

400 seats - Theatrical Style
196 floor seats
Stage capacity with risers 250
1,308 standing room only - Rock Concert set-up
2 balconies - 35 seats each
Up to 300 guests at round tables - Banquet set-up (more if stage area is used)
1353 maximum total building occupancy

An outstanding facility is now available to you, the Oceanview Production Studios in Port Hueneme. We are a unique, multifaceted venue perfect for any event needs. We offer a beautiful park like setting directly across from the scenic Hueneme beach. With our flexible event space, outstanding catering, incredible audio visual capabilities along with our high standards of service make us an outstanding value and the ideal location for any event. We consider our facility truly one of a kind. You are limited only by your imagination.

We offer LIVE streaming video worldwide to all your family and friends. It can be a significant cost saving for you and enables your relatives and acquaintances to take part in your event no matter where they reside! This new service must be arranged in advance for an additional fee.


49' Proscenium opening
stage 60' wide x 36' deep
(cyclorama to proscenium)

4' deep (proscenium to front edge)
60' x 40' Stage Depth
4' Apron
main floor - 60' x 53' (seats retracted)
rigging grid covers stage and entire house
height from main floor is 27 feet
height from stage is 23 feet
(hard hung - no fly house over stage)


Lighting console is Zero 88 Fat Frog
10 Chauvet Colorstrip LED
6 Led Pars
96 channels 2,400 watt Lee Colortran dimmers
40 Par 64
14-8″ Fresnels (750w)
10-10″ Fresnels (91K)
14-6*9 1K Leko
22-6*12 1K Leko
9-500W mini-leko
8-3 circuit 4 bank strip lights
3 Elektralite elektrik eye
4 mac 500 hung on first AP
4 mac 500 on stage floor(movable position)
1 Martin roboscan 918
2 Martin Robozap Msr 1200
6 3circuit/3 bank colortran cyc lights
1 Strong 575 follow spot
300 AMP Company Switch
1 Leprecon 36 Channel x 2.4k dimmer rack
Ring Lighting, various dance lighting – 2 aggressors, avenger,
color scope, 2 spinners, strobes & more!
2 Sparkler machine
9 Chauvet wedge Tri
50 White uplights RGBWAUV
20 36LED moving head
10 Color kinetics color blasts W/2 PSU
10- color kinetic 72" colorblaze
10- 48" led strip lights
2- water based hazers
2- chauvet hurricane foggers
LED mirror dance floor 20"x 20" panels
LED Video Dance floor 24"x 24" panels
Various configurations available on dance floors
6 Dance floor controllers
7 Chauvet Sparklite Led Drapes
3 Sparklite Led Controller

Click here for general house plot


1 JVC GY HM 790U
5 JVC GY HM 750U Video Cameras w / lenses

5 Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batteries
2 AntonBauer Battery Chargers
2 Manfretto Tripods
1 miller Tripod
7 Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle Video Recorders
1 BlackMagic ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4k Switcher
1 BlackMagic ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel
1 BlackMagic HyperDeck Studio Video Recorder
1 BlackMagic MultiDock
1 BlackMagic Smartscope DVD 4k
1 Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Audio Interface
1 Pair JBL LSR305 Powered Studio Monitor Speakers
1 AppleMacPro 2014 12 Core video editing computer
2 Apple Mac Mini 2013 4 core Computers
2 Wohler Amp1 rackmount audio monitor
(Video rack & lighting booth
BNC Video Cables

Video Projectors: (1 Sanyo Plc-xf46n (12k lumens) Main center screen,
4 LCD Large Side Screen TV's
4 LCD Small Screen Ribbon TV's
(360) LED Video Wall Panels 20"x 20"
(Various configurations available)
8 KYSTAR Video Wall controllers


3 Behringer X32 Full Size Audio Mixing Consoles
(1-foh, 1-streaming, 1-monitors)
4 Behringer S-16 Digital Input/Output Snake Box
1 50′ 8 input snake box
1 50′ 16 input 4 output snake box
1 Clear Com MS 200 2 channel intercom/cue system
10 Clearcom MS-501 beltpacks w/headsets
10 Clearcom wired intercom remote stations
10 Intercom Headsets
Clearcom Wireless Base Station W/6 Wireless Beltpacks
Clearcom Wired intercom base station
ISP Technologies HDL 3112 powered line array speakers
Configured Left – Center – Right
4-3-4 Configuration
3 JBL 2385A 60 degree horns with JBL 2446J driver
3 JBL AM4212/90 12″ 2-way (LCR downfill)
3 Crown MA2402 power amplifiers (longthrow and downfill)
2 JBL SR-4719x dual 18″ subwoofers
1 Crown MA3600vz power amplifier (subwoofers)
2 DBX Driverack 482 crossovers
XLR Audio Cables
Amplifier Rack w/2 dual electronic crossovers
6 Ashley 32 band graphic equalizers

Monitors: ( 8 bi-amped EL 502 floor monitors, 4 channel bi-amp rack,
2 Crest 4801, 2 Crest 8001, Tdm 4 channel crossover)
2- Qsc k12, 4- Qsc k12.2, 3- Qsc H 122i
1- JBL PRX818XLFW 18" 1500 Watt Powered Subwoofer (Drummer)
2 ElectroVoice Century 100a speakers lobby/background
Mackie Onyx 3280 36 input / 8 buss / 8 aux sound console
1 PreSonus APC-88 8 channel limiter/compressor/gate
1 Lexicon MPX-550 digital reverberator
4 channels Dod R-830B 15 band graphic equalizer
Altec Lansing 1653a 1/3 octave graphic equalizer
Altec Lansing 1674B 4 input automatic mixer
Altec Lansing 1269 power amplifier
2 channels Yamaha GC-2020 gate/limiter
Yamaha R-1000 digital reverberator
Art 6 channel headphone amplifier
10 Intercom Headsets
2 Fiber Optic Audio Snakes
1 Sabine diversity RF amplifier/splitter w/ 2 powered antennas
DBX 163 compressor
2 JBL SRX 4719X subwoofers
1 Crown Macro Tech 3600VLZ amplifier
2 Crest powered PA speakers
Stanford Dual CD player in rack


Sennheiser EM 1049 8 Channel Mic System
7 Sabine headworn wireless beltpack microphones
3 Sabine hand held wireless microphones w / H13 capsules
3 Sabine dual channel wireless mike recievers
2 Shure SM-85 cardioid condenser microphones
3 Shure Beta SM-87 cardioid condenser microphones
8 Shure SM-57 cardioid dynamic microphones
3 Sennheiser E-609 cardioid dynamic microphones
10 Miscellaneous Professional Microphones
2 Audio Technica AT4041 Cardiod Condenser Mic
2 Radial Engineering Passive direct boxes
8 Whirlwind IMP-2 direct boxes

Shure Drum Mic kit :
3- PG56 with clip on brackets
1 PG52
3 Shure SM 58
3 Shure PG 58 with switches


Full stage width hard cyclorama (white)

3 full width traveling curtains - main (red)/ center stage (black)/ up stage (black) w/matching borders & legs
18' x 18' Professional wrestling ring
16' x 16' Professional wrestling ring
12' x 30' LED wall
Video ribbon strip
Orchestra shell
Stage risers
Round banquet tables
Rectangular banquet tables
Stacking chairs
Mirror ball
Strobe & Disco lighting
Big Screen TV w/ dvd player (conference room)
2 roll-around bars
Green Room w/ sink
2 Locking dressing rooms with toilets
28  6' round banquet tables
10 Cocktail tables

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